Culebra (feature film in development)

When an ambitious college grad accidentally causes her fiancé to overdose, she manages to get sent to a Caribbean island rehab rather than jail.

But in order to succeed at rehab, this perfectionist must face her most horrible flaws.

In development with Fidelio Films. Trans Atlantic Partner Program, NYFA Fellowship Finalist.

Wuss Out (play)

When a humiliatrix gets a call from a man with a secret agenda, she gives him exactly what he deserves.

The Deep Six @ Anvil Gallery, NyLon Fusion Theatre Company NYC, Susan Alexander International Festival of Theater in Mexico, FITELX in Spain. 

Sunshine (pilot)

Sunshine runs away from her mother's oppressive religion to her father’s upstate NY farm commune, only to find a new set of rules and rule-makers.

Fit for Life (feature)

A disabled teenage girl must rally an army of misfits to battle the powerful developer who threatens to tear down the woods that she loves in order to build "luxury cabins."

CineStory Finalist, "Next 100" Academy Nicholls Fellowship, Finalist Zaki Gordon Award, Lewis Cole Award for Excellence in Screenwriting