The Clinic (2018, 15 min.) - WRITER/DIRECTOR

Produced by Minjo Studio, Exec. Producer Michael Fix

Featuring Marsha Stephanie Blake, Ellen Parker, Eric Sheffer Stevens, Maren Lord

Casting - Rori Bergman

Music - Iva Bittova, Sound - Tyler Wood

Trailer editor - Juliet Lashinsky Revene

A skeptical woman participates in an experimental research study, taking a high dose of psilocybin to face her fears about dying. This short film is inspired by the work of Dr. Bill Richards at John Hopkins School of Medicine, and by Michael Pollan's article "The Trip Treatment."

FOLCS: Best Screenplay Award, Indie Memphis Film Festival, Oaxaca Film Festival: Most Gripping Character Award, Adirondack Film Festival, Woodstock Museum Film Festival 


Hammer to Nail Short Film Contest Runner-Up

"The Clinic upended my expectations... [It] takes viewers on the deep, dark and ultimately clarifying journey Adele goes on by ...beautiful cinematography... and truly amazing editing..."


Dear Chickens (dir. Mauro Mueller)

Dear Chickens (2018, 14 min.), WRITER

Featuring: Philip Baker Hall, Kerris Dorsey, Linda Park


When a stubborn old man and a teenage girl are forced to share a hospital room, an unexpected friendship forms over their distaste for fake cheerfulness & hospital food.

LA Shorts International Film Fest (Best Actor Philip Baker Hall), Zurich Film Fest, Mexico Shorts, Pendance, Oaxaca



Relics (2013, 14 min.) - WRITER/DIRECTOR

Producer Michael Fix, Exec. Producer Greg Meola

Featuring Sarah Steele, Marceline Hugot, & Seth Kirschner

Distributed by Shorts International & Egoist

screenings & awards @

A salesman tries to sell his miraculous cleaning machine to a sick woman and her skeptical daughter, on the day the woman asked her daughter to help her end her own life. It's a comedy! Sort of...


Broken Badge (2014, short) - WRITER

Exec. Producer Michael Hausman, Director Justin Liberman, Co-writer Nick Weiss-Richmond

Featuring David Gerson and Sophie Ellsberg

An NYPD officer disarms a paranoid man with compassion, and comes face to face with his own demons. Based on a true story.


Sunday (2011, 13 min.) - WRITER/DIRECTOR

Produced by Mary Lawless & Carmen Jimenez

Featuring Sarah Babb and James Liebman


When a suburban escort girl is frustrated by a timid john who wants to listen to her talk, she allows herself to remember - and has an experience she won't forget.

Brussels Short Film Festival, CineKink Film Festival, NYC-TV


Failing Better Now (2010, feature) - WRITER

Directed by Keren Atzmon, Produced by Lia Mayer-Sommer and Pazit Levitan

Featuring Joyce DeWitt, Lindsay Michelle Nader, Lindsay Burge, Mikeah Jennings.

A romantic comedy about a flaky liar who loses her sister's cat and the earnest musician who tries to help her find him. 



One Thousand Cranes (2010, short) - WRITER/PRODUCER

Directed by Zach Carver, Produced with Mary Lawless

Featuring Julia Garner and Darren Eugene Mallett

A runaway who lives on a rooftop in Brooklyn makes one thousand paper cranes to get her wish: the love of graffiti artist Lorenzo.

Hawaii International FF, NYC-TV


Love Seat (2010, short) - DIRECTOR

Produced by Mary Lawless, Written by Jean-Marceau Secheret

Featuring Michael Cuomo, Tim Donovan, and Marcel Simoneau 

Two estranged friends are forced to carry a couch halfway across town and deal with their disagreement in this Brooklyn bromance.

Babelgum, NYC-TV


Yr Bird (2008, music video) - DIRECTOR

Featuring Daria Erdosy

A clown visits Coney Island on her day off.